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Of 100 thousand yuan of less than sell almost do not move two handcart price to

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Yesterday, run two handcart business poplar the manager makes an ad: The car that had every to buy two handcart of company on October 1 advocate, will obtain convention freely to maintain 5 times with 1000 yuan oil gets stuck.

This is poplar the director increases the 3rd times this year buy a car (two handcart) favourable standard. It is this year for the first time January, send 3 times maintain and wash a car to block 1 piece (value 100 yuan of) ; It is this year the 2nd in July, send 5 times maintain and wash a car to block 1 piece (value 100 yuan of) .

"Just began to attract many customers, but enrage as market person weaker and weaker, this kind of appeal disappeared very quickly. " poplar the director says, in former years September is busy season of two handcart sale, can clinch a deal not only this year the quantity decreases considerably, the client that sees a car to the market repeatedly is so little also that the client that sees a car to the market repeatedly have pity on. A two handcart manager discloses, last year before National Day, company altogether clinchs a deal 17 two handcart, still can be less than 2 this year, all round a few friends that do two handcart business, general report trades last month the quantity is compared the corresponding period dropped last year 50% above. Everybody dare not stop a car now, take kind of client consign for sale on commission, reduce capital to take up.

Health gentleman says two handcart boss, there had been several person of the same trades to turn to be done all right beside him this year the car is borrowed or vehicle maintenance and repair, press this impetus, estimation of the end of the year still has more person to be able to close close a business, turn even row.

The two handcart department that there still is store of 4S of a few cars like circumstance photograph, zhejiang nimble health rich of Wei of king of two handcart manager says, suffer domestic new car to trade atrophic influence, day of two handcart business is general this year uneasy, especially the two handcart sales volume of 100 thousand yuan of less than is inferior to apparently last year, like Yilante, Pasate these once sold well temporarily model, sell almost now did not move. "Go up month, I take in 8 cars, sell 4 only, receive go down to won't stop a car for certain, the risk is real too big. " king Wei rich says.

Two handcart trade gloomy, also affect the price system of respective model. According to Wang Wei rich is recorded, second half of the year of the model that be the same as a paragraph clinchs a deal valence is compared first half of the year at least low 5000 yuan - 8000 yuan. If the handkerchief Sa of the card on 2003 is special,1.8T hand clinched a deal this year in March from an organic whole valence is 108 thousand yuan, be less than 100 thousand yuan now; The corollaceous 1.8L of the card on 2005 is blocked automatically clinched a deal March valence 114 thousand yuan, can sell 108 thousand yuan only now. The quoted price that offers from company of a few two handcart looks: Elegant cabinet, triumphant amount to oneself with the horse more 6 clinch a deal these days price falls than on two months 3000 yuan - 5000 yuan.

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