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Two handcart change the name of owner in a register wants Hangzhou reelect name

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Reporter Cui Bo

Report from our correspondent is new " motor vehicle registers a regulation " permit new car vehicle not only advocate can weave car brand is piled up by oneself, trade to also bring not little change to two handcart. Since October 6, all two handcart are when change the name of owner in a register, plate will be called in. At the same time primary vehicle advocate fall in the circumstance that accords with certain condition, can apply for to use original plate number again.

Two handcart business the formalities of change the name of owner in a register that the gentleman helped a client deal with a two handcart yesterday, after he discovers the two handcart of all that day change the name of owner in a register are dealing with formalities, the staff member of car canal place will former plate discharge come down. Next new car advocate pass " 8 anthology 1 " means, pick new plate number. And before this, two handcart are when change the name of owner in a register of same area under administration, it is not to need to change of plate.

Hangzhou city car is in charge of the Feng section chief of division of place card card to confirm, the ground is new " motor vehicle registers a regulation " , since October 6, the car that all Hangzhou city move register, original plate wants to be called in, new plate by new car advocate choose date to decide afresh. Simple point says, two handcart trade previously inside same area under administration plate is to follow a car to go, want card car depart now.

The section chief that occupy Feng introduces, the plate resource that call in will be put into the car to manage the database of place, try to be used afresh. That is to say, this year car advocate when choosing plate, may choose the plate previously, if be of the number entirely, the letter is in the 2nd the 3rd or the 4th plate.

Additional, if Laoche advocate like original plate number, he or OK and new application use. Feng section chief says, conduction motor vehicle is transferred or cancel after registering, everybody application deals with primary motor vehicle to buy motor vehicle newly to register when registering, can be applied for to use number of plate of primary motor vehicle to car canal. Application needs to accord with these conditions: 1. Be registered in conduction move or cancel application offers inside 6 months after registering; 2. Motor vehicle everybody owns primary motor vehicle 3 years above; 3. The road transportation security that involves primary motor vehicle violates behavior and processing of traffic accident beard to end.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, the card on new two handcart transfer ownership sets, put an end to on certain level before " buy in and sell at a profit " the phenomenon of plate. Yuan connect Hu Hanbing of two handcart manager to say, plate stand or fall, still have a few effects to the sale of two handcart, name brand number compares read smoothly or auspicious car, sell more easily relatively. And picture a few contain two even date, 3 even date, or be 8, 6 wait for a number to compare much name brand, can elevate the social status that reachs 349 yuan more for the car even. And begin from now, two handcart trade in this one element need not consider already basically.

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