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13 days remove Beijing to be executed formally to illicit home car this month be

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Yesterday, the reporter learns from the branch that make a valve, it is with 12 days because of 11 days of this month on the weekend, because be restricted formally of car of this illicit home,travel date is 13 days of one next week. In addition, the reporter still learns, because many families are put in the circumstance that two cars are restricted to go in same day, the branch that make a valve is having specific aim ground to undertake study, there may be measure to come on stage before Zhou Wu originally.

Illicit home car still is not restricted to go on the weekend

"October 11 is Saturday, how is this day restricted to go? " nearly two days, a lot of cars advocate report, the announcement that issued on September 27 according to municipal government, the bounds of illicit home car begins from October 11 all right, but this day is mixed next 12 days are on the weekend however, and announcement content says however " legal holiday and general holidays day " do not be restricted to go. To this, a lot of cars advocate some are at a loss. At this point, yesterday 17 when make, the 122 traffic accident that the reporter calls city to join tubal department calls the police stage, a staff member says when answering reporter question: "If be illicit home car, the time that is restricted formally to go is next week one, namely 13 days. Namely 13 days..

As we have learned, according to municipal government announcement, come since this day on April 10, 2009, try out of illicit home car stops every week by plate end date sail a day (legal holiday and) of except of general holidays day, be restricted to go limits is road of less than of 5 annulus road (contain) of 5 annulus road, be restricted to go time is 6 when to 21 when. Stop every week by plate end date sail cent of date of car plate end is 5 groups, execute fixed rotate to stop sail day. Stop first sail plate end date: Come to be respectively on Friday on Monday 1 and 6, 2 and 7, 3 and 8, 4 and 9, 5 contain with 0(temporarily name brand; Date of end of motor vehicle card presses 0 management) for English abecedarian. What differ with illicit home car is, rose on October 1, this city is various Party and goverment officials already sealed up for keeping 30% fair cars, other inside this city fair car also presses plate end date to stop every week since this day sail a day (legal holiday and) of except of general holidays day, be restricted to go limits is the road inside area of this city administration, be restricted to go time is 0 when to 24 when.

A two cars are restricted to give the way to deal with a situation soon with day

The part has two or the family of more car, nearly two days still are perplexed by another thing, that is the home two in or 3 cars are restricted to go in same day, because this goes out,become difficult all right. Ms. Peng and sweetheart are lived in suitable justice, the end date of two their cars is respectively 2 with 7, this means two cars in the home to be in every week 2 cannot leave into 5 annulus inside, "But my husband goes to work in tall tablet inn, at 8 o'clock half before be about to brush card, if do not have a car,affirmative meeting is late. " to this, ms. Peng and sweetheart feel very bemused, "If the government sector does not publish policy, we can borrow a car to go out only row, or be forced to do buys a car again. Or be forced to do buys a car again..

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