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Always amount to 100 handpick family expenses two handcart are large try drive t
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Before long, the car is not luxury any more. More and more people begin to step slowly " gens having a car " cavalcade, on oneself are beloved drive, have a good swim together with family fall bright and clear, it is what kind comfortable! But the person always is being gone after ceaselessly and discover, disentomb newer experience. Trade a vehicle! Change a point of view, can yet be regarded as of two handcart displacement chooses goodly. As the major with Shanghai famous area two handcart sale serves an industry -- always amount to two handcart will atOn November 1, 2008Begin " 100 handpick family expenses are secondhand the car is large try drive the show that enjoy a car " activity. Nearly 100 concentration are secondhand car, include to have the car such as Sangdana, Pasate, POLO among them, car department price all is in 50 thousand to 300 thousand yuan between differ. Two handcart pass these concentration to always amount to the professional hairdressing of two handcart and cleanness, assured the exterior of the car and quality. Every signs up the staff that joins this activity all can win elegant gift, spot free and secondhand the car evaluates appraisal to reach advisory service. Still have free bus, station of Long Yang subway is received back and forth send! Additional, the spot is ordered successfully or sell two handcart, still the surprise sends ceaseless. Surprise one: 800 yuan of oily card maintain 1000 yuan / maintenance man-hour is touched with certificate; Surprise 2: Value certificate of replacement of 1800 yuan of new cars; Surprise 3: Value 800 yuan of decorate upgrade fold let certificate) ! Sign up attend try drive the client that enjoys a car, such opportunity, what are you still waiting for? Dial at once 68790306 or 68790307 connection sign up! Mobile time: Mobile ground nodded on November 1, 2008: Always amount to international car square to always amount to two handcart to reveal highway of Long Dong of central Pudong new developed area 2770