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The two handcart of Buffett and Suoluosi trade newest legend
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In October, it is the season with Newyork city best climate, the lily of street edge blossoms eagerly in sunshine, the flap in wind is worn the flower of intoxicate is sweet.

Be in such afternoon, tower of young mother wave is opening illicit home car to take a son of two years old to go to a bank of downtown handling affairs.

Before the car opens bank door when, wave tower sees the son that lies in backlash pram sleeps later sweet. She kissed the son's forehead gently, get off stealthily next, lock up door.

In a few minutes, come out from the bank when wave tower when, she is astonied, oneself car disappeared. The son that thinks of to sleep soundly on the car, she was dialed immediately call the police phone.

The person that steals a car is called Buffett, it is labour of a vehicle repair, several days ago, his mother got heavy disease suddenly, need a large sum of operation expenses, this money makes Ba Fei special can find no way out. The mother is his only on this world family member, he cannot be worn soon because treat and the mother leaves him without money.

This day afternoon, buffett has been done after robbing preparation, chose downtown this bank, but prepare to enter a bank in him when, see a brand-new car stops over accidentally however. This makes Ba Fei special do not become aware the eye shines, steal a car easy and procurable, smaller than grabbing the risk of the bank much. And if sold this car, paying maternal operation fee is more than sufficient.

Steal a car, cole dishful is for the Buffett to one's previous experience of long lathe work, he very opened door easily, fleet like the car that drives oneself next and go. He alls alone to two handcart dealer Ross made a telephone call, after half hour, buffett comes to delivery place. The Ross that take the advantage of all alone has not arrived, buffett begins to check car condition, when examining backlash, buffett was frightened jump, he sees the child that has two years old or so actually is sleeping soundly.

Heart fluster of Buffett rises.

And at this moment, a motor sound by prep as far as close, buffett knows, suo Luosi came. But, at the moment how should the sweet potato of this very hot hand do?

After Suo Luosi has seen car condition, express satisfaction. After Buffett received fund, raised a requirement -- send the 5th highway the child in the car. After Ross listens, all alone did not agree, he tells Buffett, all polices in the city are searching this car and this child now, take him, be equal to hurl oneself willingly into the net. He still suggests Ba Fei discarded the child immediately especially, taking money to go next. Look at Suoluosi and assistant to drive leave, buffett spellbound. He child ground, silent look at him. At the moment, the child still is sleeping soundly, he knows far from beside produced what thing. Think of to wait for money to do the mother of the operation in the hospital, firm of Ba Fei spy leaves heart, face about, run quickly madly to highway edge and go.
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