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Be restricted to activation all right two handcart city of Beijing " urgent buy
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Only even numbers restricts travel end after the Olympic Games, it seems that the traffic of Beijing was returned again before the sort of " familiar " embrace, a lot of scholars, expert, common people even media is rolled out in succession " only even numbers is good " , " carry out for a long time " etc, huge debate was formed inside very wide range, even expert scholar is made public in the TV station " have a verbal battle with " . Understand the important one link in the industry as steam wagon flow, the steam wagon flow that two handcart trade to become whole area from some kind of angle connects an epitome of development and traffic environment, after the Olympic Games, our newspaper made be investigated extensively and be interviewed to expert of agency, controller, user, industry.

Before ● is restricted to go " urgent buy " apparent

Because only even numbers restricts travel, many companies that rent are in at that time " the scrape that grind a knife " , the price that rent a car soars all the way, because many this clever users calculated brushstroke to understand Zhang, turned to two handcart market to buy two handcart to ride instead of walk temporarily in succession. Do not overcome cup of GL8, gold among them this kind of car regards company regular bus as ovation, the value increases apparently; The business affairs such as the Ao Di A6, Jun Wei that fasten a gram also digested a large number of inventory first half of the year with the car; Xiali, abstruse develop, QQ, fly spend the model that waits for material benefit of this kind of economy to be bought to regard as by a few middle classes use a car temporarily; Of the model such as cross-country car, trot car buy promoted a family of car of the 2nd individual character clinch a deal. According to Beijing old motor vehicle trades the analysis of head of department of news of network of market limited company Mr Tan Xiangdong, in June 2008 - before July 20 trade quantity compared to the same period the corresponding period grew 30% last year, this kind of convention in in former years is off-season never appear.

● is restricted to go medium short-term rent appear

Many users and company are in after be restricted to go often incommensurate, also not be willing to buy new car secondhand perhaps car, because this not little relevant public figure seeks of all kinds relationship,be in two handcart market " short-term rent " a car. The Liu Ming manager of company of Bao Chi of B205 of market first phase expresses, because the company is old the client is more, many users come round during the Olympic Games short-term rent a car, at the same time the summer also is off-season, because this is below the premise that car safety has safeguard, short-term also offerred a few car to give old user and friend.

The car sells after ● is restricted to go not much, buy a car to be added continuously

Before because be restricted,going bubbling with noise " continue to be restricted to go " the concern that causes many users, what accordingly the near future sells a car the user and anticipate without us is much, a few enterprise or business the car of the unit sells the circumstance also is deferred somewhat. In be interviewed randomly, lady of deputy total king says some construction company, a car in original home, one is bought during the Olympic Games high-grade and secondhand car, although only even numbers replaces some labors, but to her more be helpful for the job beginning, if continue to restrict,become what be asked, whether can have two cars for a long time, she expresses to need for the job, without method.
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