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Two handcart and broken bits hit Ai Pu the bank borrows a clique to cooperate no
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The two handcart financing that becomes silent 4 years serves to be being started afresh. This is the another advantage service that two handcart close recently brings Ai Pu two handcart customer. Instalment, loan buys the sale way that this introduces the car extensively on market of domestic and international new car, ever was applied in the market of partial old car of Beijing area. But at that time as a result of domestic credit system be short of break and what two handcart market grows is not perfect, make business of two handcart financing is put in the risk with particular move, as a result is secondhand car financing for a time backwater not before. Current, consume an idea to conforming with foreign developed country gradually as the two handcart of our country, of business of two handcart financing roll out the urgent need that makes progress of two handcart market, ai Pu is secondhand the car thought seriously the demand of two handcart consumer, with " broken bits hits a bank to lend a manner and air now " reach collaboration, roll out two handcart financing to serve. It buys the power that is the fervent development of two handcart market heat again, two handcart markets of the China that help strength to mutiple level, stereo the two handcart that change are contemporary and current mode change. Two handcart and broken bits hit Ai Pu the bank borrows a clique to remove jointly now risk of two handcart financing The service of two handcart financing that ever had begun 4 years ago can become silent, basically put in the following reason: The first, consciousness of consumer individual credence is relatively fragile at that time, national individual asks for letter system to had be notted perfect, adverse monitoring financing is potential risk; The 2nd, itself of two handcart market is immature, the sincere letter with constant presence is short of estrangement to trade the circumstance with not quite normative process, manpower of be confined to, the state understanding that bank system reachs itself of two handcart commodity and two handcart consumer to two handcart market is limited, restricted a bank to advance the step that new financing product develops; The 3rd, two handcart one car one besides, value decides not easily, the way that is pawn with car before measures the real value that is tasted by pawn very hard; The 4th, in view of much two handcart agency cannot be offerred to the product defend a service character, the issue that poses because of car quality itself and other inaccuracy decided an element to often increase the risk of two handcart financing. Believe those who use consciousness to raise those who manage to be changed with brand of two handcart market as the individual in recent years quickly, for new open service of two handcart financing provided environmental basis. The two handcart that two handcart are national approval manage Ai Pu pilot enterprise, with company limited of Japanese even-numbered days (one of 6 big integrated firms of Japanese) , company limited of network of Japanese apple car (Japan 3 big two handcart interlink one of enterprises) comprehensive collaboration, have 3 large dominant positions: The network with scientific system, quick assessment trades platform, real quality assures. From Ai Pu two handcart hold water up to now, time of 3 years has let Ai Pucheng be the company of two handcart distribute with countrywide giant consequence, become the throughout the country famous, the two handcart brand that consumer has believed. Accordingly, ai Pu is secondhand the car can ensure the value of two handcart, what at the same time all car of Ai Pu offer different rate is qualitative protect, avoided the negative effect that brings accordingly. "Broken bits hits a bank to lend a manner and air now " it is England royal bank -- broken bits makes a bank new an individual loan service that roll out, a few are different from apparently before advantage practice: Without guaranty, without assure, value credit circumstance of the individual and practical reimbursement capacity more, because need not mortgage very good also settlement the hidden trouble that because pawn value is doubtful,decides. Two handcart and broken bits hit Ai Pu the bank borrows a clique to reach collaboration now, begin two handcart financing to serve with all one's strength, offer more high grade two handcart to serve for two handcart consumer. Service of this two handcart financing does not have guaranty besides above, without the advantage that assure besides, still have the characteristic that interest rate of fast, lock, small moon offers easy application, loan. Current, the two handcart financing of two handcart served Ai Pu to open Beijing area only. We hope two handcart financing serves Ai Pu can bring advantage truly to consumer, is transitory no longer; We also hope, consumer values his individual credit system, for the perfect contribution force of Chinese credit system.
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