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Two handcart of Guangdong traded September quantity whole nation the first
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Two handcart city is overall September trade horizontal annulus is compared rise, market person energy of life begins to anabiosis. The two handcart such as reporter Cong Anjun, Bao Lijie trade the market learns, economy of the small car that discharge an amount car continues to get run two handcart city, among them both sides car because economic material benefit, use convenient wait for a reason in the market deeply welcome. Additional the number of not complete count that from an ancient name for China according to the reporter Www.hx2car.com of two handcart net acquires shows, september, the two handcart of 3 cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou trade the quantity realizes annulus to compare growth continuously, amplitude in 5% ~ 8 % differ, guangdong province continues to rank with 22000 number two handcart of countrywide traded September measure head of a list of names posted up.

Shanghai: Trade the quantity evens more 18000

In Shanghai two handcart trade the market, the small economy that discharge an amount two handcart continue to make the main trend that the market trades. According to not complete count, POLO, fly degree, black horse amount to wait for economy two handcart to occupy this area the 6.8% above of two handcart total sales volume. In the meantime, of partial economy car trade amount rises somewhat, model of series of mulberry tower offer has 2000 ~ 3000 yuan go up, sang Dana 2000 series rise 1000~2000 yuan, POLO model demand increases, traded September the forehead goes up on average more than 18% . In the meantime, heart department car reachs good brand force to make the market by right of high quality, excellent after service accepted most the two handcart that keep a cost. September, shanghai is secondhand the car trades the quantity breaks through 18000, annulus comparing grows about 8% .

Beijing: Trade the quantity makes an appointment with 20000

End as the Olympic Games, car city attention is spent restore. Two handcart city of Beijing greeted sole to rebound September, two handcart trade market manager company depreciates to change sales volume in order to pull in succession. Model of Ao Di, elegant cabinet and handkerchief Sa special grade drops extent is controlled 4000 yuan in 2000 ~ , relatively popular Ma Zida 6, sounds of nature in of advanced car trade the price also has 1000~2000 yuan little scope of the left and right sides drops. In cheap car market, nimble is amounted to, Sangdana, treasure will wait for a model to sell well continuously, the price is relatively strong.

Before new on September 1 consumption tax applies formally, beijing is big measure two handcart price to go tall all the way, after passing the scare buying upsurge August, at present the market is entered " cold " wait-and-see phase, the sale status that brings about two handcart markets of Beijing are big in September to measure luxurious vehicle directly is gloomy. According to not complete count, september, beijing is secondhand the car trades the quantity makes an appointment with 20 thousand, annulus comparing grows nearly 5.7% .
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