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Chongqing is secondhand two handcart can enjoy alliance of the maintenance after
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Recently, those who come from Taiwan is special wear-resisting industry group weighs manager of car of law of Qing Zhongzhi spirit to serve limited company to take the lead above all hand in hand established Chongqing first two handcart defend alliance character, offer the goods via this alliance attestation two handcart, can enjoy a year or of 20000 kilometers protect character period, the customer that lets buy two handcart has trouble back at home no longer.

Have the quality the good and bad are intermingled in view of two handcart markets of domestic and vehicle repair course of study, often have buying and selling and issue produces in repairing a process, cause consumer rights and interests unavailable reasonable safeguard, for this, special its are opposite so as to of wear-resisting industry group section of each phyletic model, car 20 maintain for years as successful as what repair experience, elite of business circles of integrated Chongqing car and high grade garage hold water " special wear-resisting car defends alliance character " offer safeguard consumer to be in the after service that the choose and buy enjoys new car after two handcart.

Basis " two handcart trade standard " regulation: Two handcart are bought in enterprise of two handcart distribute, can enjoy 3 not less than months or of 5000 kilometers protect character period. According to reporter understanding, two handcart broker companies of our city offer generally half an year or of 6000 kilometers guarantee period, and this alliance is bold however lengthened guarantee deadline: Want to be in the office of two handcart member of this alliance to buy two handcart only, and the commodity via this allied attestation, will can enjoy a year or of 20000 kilometers protect character period. Additional, to yield the love of consumer the car maintains more convenient, the good car major that this alliance still will offer qualification of attestation of alliance of whole town classics in the round maintains the service of the factory, bring consumer more professional and excellent service, ensure the rights and interests with due consumer.

Current, this alliance shows to already was made an appointment with with company of broker of many two handcart inside city and garage autograph, they will offer high grade commodity and character to assure for Chongqing consumer. Special Zheng Pu of premier of limited company of Cheng Gang trade talks Chongqing of wear-resisting industry group express, the hope has more Chongqing car business and high grade garage join two handcart to come in alliance, build good car to consume an environment for consumer jointly, let the market trade fairly mechanism, the chaos of money of fine of drive of money of bad of put an end to is resembled.