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Xian Qi Bohui Highlights: site "Baby" and more used cars sold outside the fire
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Xian International Auto Expo this year, in addition to Dream Car beauty to attract attention, there are many fresh and interesting things you may not notice, the following lenses to follow our reporter went to Amoy a treasure it.

Friends certainly seen the movie Transformers Bumblebee on the film this car is impressive. Qi Bohui take advantage of the opportunity the past two days. The big guy actually made a city also came off, and it is up there for a two home-made shaped like a F1 racing electric cars. At a glance, really thought it to do is world champion Michael Schumacher. Ford brings a special racing simulation game, so you see the car but also to experience maneuvering. The most surprising is that this famous BMW, so babies get in the mini-electric vehicles also began selling the bike and original function before it can be worthy of their price nearly twenty thousand dollars.

Exhibitors: The front axle is equipped with a small generator, mainly used for bicycle lighting, headlights and taillights, while the car stalls and a transmission system 27.

Qi Bohui Highlights: sell used cars outside the fire

After reading the baby inside the venue outside the second-hand car market is extremely strong sales of vehicles over a hundred just a few days this has become another highlight of the show.

Used car dealer: Now a lot of second-hand cars are running one to two thousand kilometers of prospective new car, and very low price, good price.

Xian Qi Bohui this is over two days, you do not seize this last opportunity to experience a different kind of Dream Car brings beautiful women experience it.