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Second-hand car market is to start being very cost-effective short
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Last week, Mr. Xie spent 6.1 million households bought a 2007 Cerato. Last month, he saw a situation very close to the car, the price is 6.5 million. And buy their own car, car price 64000 yuan mark.

Spend less at once three or four thousand dollars. "Automobile light ah, can not. Only a small profits." Selling cars to second-hand car dealer Xie pointed to a row of parked in front of second-hand car, said this month, few people look at cars, it is now selling a

Count one.

Used car dealers: buy now worry worry before selling

6 to 8 months is an annual second-hand automobile market in Chengdu, the traditional off-season, but this year seems to be more pale than usual. Journalists last week in Hong Pailou used car market, the group used-car market and second-hand car market Omnicom see second-hand car dealer in field

Family cars are "full members." Look around, the major market of used cars are put a piece of dense, but very few people look at cars. Many businesses bored to tears, simply play cards together and chat.

"A few days did not open it!" Used or two sitting in front of the computer games business, his shop in front of the car, parked tightly endure. "I generally only 20 cars in the hand, is now integrated more than 30 vehicles, cars are not now

Collected. "

The classic second-hand car, the founding of used cars, used cars Hong Kong, Western Star brands such as used cars second-hand car dealer also said that second-hand car market this year, especially light. "Source of cars less than usual woe, bad collection vehicles, vehicles not worry now

Sell. "A month sales of the brand in 60 second-hand car dealer, and now the stock had reached more than 40 vehicles." Second half of this month, especially in autumn, only sell a few cars. "The company told reporters," These days people see

Rarely, this happens rarely. "

Person in charge of the company, said: At present, the main reason used-car market is affected by short cool new car market impact. He said that the current new car inventory pressure, volume is not high, price of the pressure. Lower consumer prices of new cars

After the expected increases are bound to affect consumer confidence to buy used cars. "After all, new car prices used car prices will affect the other, new car prices down, too, the price of reducing the threshold of a new car, take away part of the second

Used prospective customers. "

Used car buyers:

Now is the time to buy a car

"It is a considered a sale!" Public Jie Liu Hua told reporters, general manager of used cars, as eager to have accumulated second-hand cars sold, the profits are now looking very pale.

Head of the founding of used cars Li Chang Hung told reporters that sales of used cars under their control the best way is to control prices, the automobile market is now short, it must substantially lower prices. "It's always only about half of the profit." Western Star

Used car manager Zhong Xu whooping clear.

It is understood that second-hand car market price and transaction price difference is usually maintained at about 5% to 10%, while the removal of the entire operating costs and necessary preparation costs, used car profits generally 3% to 6%. If profits cut in half, meaning that consumption

About one hundred thousand yuan to buy a used car, can save about 1,500 yuan to 3,000 yuan.

"However, for the purposes of owners ready to sell cars, used cars are not selling a good time." Classic car market manager for Tang Libin said that second-hand car dealers as stocks are more poor sales, the acquisition of the natural enthusiasm is not high,

This will result in price decline. To the owners of the best selling cars and then wait.

Luxury cars, popular second-hand car market, but also join in the fun Lamborghini

A powerful, positive bull to attack the other side attached to the car's front end, before the chiseled face, Fang Zhenggang healthy body, a lot of people know this is a Lamborghini, but few can imagine, new car sales value of about

4.2 million yuan of the Lamborghini LP560-4, emerged as a used-car scene will be here.

Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau released data show that in the vehicle, the country maintained a rapid growth in ownership, as of the end of 2010 3, the province's 878 million motor vehicles. Chengdu, reached 246 million units to maintain, account for

28.09% of the total across the province. It is the continued growth of ownership, to enable the industry to see the used-car market and broad prospects, and second-hand car market in Chengdu, gradually heat the situation, the high-end cars to used-car market situation is no longer

Rare. Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Ri Qian and Diao Cha learned, Chengdu has been a lot of second-hand car operators will operate the high-end range of cars down to the secondary market, and take the difference operation of the road.

3.1 million, and sold used cars Lamborghini

"3.1 million sale price value of the character Maverick", the title of the post in February this year, appeared on the Internet, although release of the site and do not have much popularity, the popularity of this post has reached nearly 5,000. Publish this consumer

Interest club official said Highway No. 19, this car Lamborghini colors for the pearl white, is the Lamborghini of the more rare color, mileage is only 4,000 km, good condition, without any collision records. "Flat owners

When great care of vehicles, maintenance time, maintenance and the materials specified are the Lamborghini brand. Front of the car owners to mention, also modified the original wheels, install the engine glass, electric heated seats. Pearl white body paint

Is also the owner specifically ordered to spend a total of around vehicles more than 80 million individual. "The responsible person said, a Lamborghini car prices at 420 million people, and this one is not much difference with the new car used car, cheap

110 million people, is indeed rare to meet in a super-luxury used car price.

For such a super-emergence of second-hand cars, used cars all the person in charge of Liu Hua Jie is not surprising, "now the second-hand car market, high car sale is not a rare thing." Motor City in the west back of Yick Road

Opened a store on the Liu Hua said that he join the used-car market has been 10 years, these 10 years, growing new car market in Chengdu, high car ownership has been on the rise, so luxury cars into the used car market situation more

And more and more cars are getting better. Just last month, Liu Hua had just bought a Hummer H2, priced at more than 120 million of new cars, also did not use long, only the sale of more than 90 million home buyers will soon have. "

Zheliang Lamborghini, it should be rich people bought to just for fun, feeling fresh, and to resell it. "Liu Hua told reporters that he is now trading about a month at least 30 cars, many of which are luxury car level. The

Chengdu field, "Every month, trading as high as about cars used cars in the 100." Liu Hua said the luxury car used car, selling prices are at 50 million yuan.

Used car dealer luxury car market began to focus on

Close to the scalp with short hair, some sun tan skinned black, military green JEEP T-shirts printed with two off-road vehicles ... ... WANG Yi-qiang sitting in the office seemed very arena gas, more closely tied to the reporter to do used car businessman

Imagination. Chengdu ants as the head of the king used cars, WANG Yi-qiang from 2002 to second-hand car market in "Catch a Fire", 8 years later, this man was born in 1969 in the used car industry has been run into the self-

Own "million children."

WANG Yi-qiang and let real "name for oneself" is from 2008, partner Renhao Wen added, ants Wang began high-end used cars carefully cultivated the land. Renhao Wen and WANG Yi-qiang two, by engaging in second-hand car

Before camp, 4S shops are functional departments, automotive industry can be considered old brother.

Compared to competitive low-end second-hand car market, the high-end second-hand automobile market in 2008, when competition is relatively smaller, but the barriers to entry are high. On the one hand is the capital, the other is technology. "In fact, to

Like playing mahjong with the past, all to 5 yuan, 50 yuan and even now was playing a 5000. "WANG Yi-qiang used a very popular metaphor, to compare to do high-end cars and trucks made the difference between low-end. On the one hand, because the price per vehicle

Value increases, the increase in funding needed; the other hand, because of the value of each vehicle increases, a problem the greater the risks, which need to be a reliable security technology, "can not close to the problem of car

. "

But luxury cars used cars is to bring huge profits WANG Yi-qiang. In 2006, WANG Yi-qiang had acquired a BMW 740LI, new car prices about 119 million to complete, after more than 130 million households, just purchased a month, travel

Before more than 4,000 kilometers, possibly because of operating in a problem, the owner decided to sell it. WANG Yi-qiang given purchase price is 92 million. Soon, the car was spotted a real estate developer, the price of 101 million

Sold, excluding charges, net profit of nearly 8 million. "Buyers also like the fact, cheaper than a new car after the family more than 30 million, he can take the money, to their subordinates with an Audi 2.0T, BMW 320, Ben

Chi C200 entry-level new car, etc. Moreover, the car itself is quasi-completely new car. "WANG Yi-qiang said that although the profits of luxury cars are now much worse than before, increasing competition and transparency increasingly clear that the profits of high car

Worse, the transaction price of around 100 million cars in a few thousand dollars of profit have to do, but they now do not return to the low-end second-hand car transactions, "after all, a high-end car sales profits, may sell a good few more low

Car to get it back; and the human cost and operating costs are high, sell low-end if the car costs are making do not come back. "

Now, WANG Yi-qiang funds into the trading of second-hand car lot, side also had a close look at cars car technologies are excellent team. WANG Yi-qiang Yang Road is located in a venue where Wu is filled with Mercedes-Benz S Class, BMW 7 Series, BMW

MINI cooper, Volkswagen Beetle and other high-end imports of used cars, profitable every year. In the used car industry, brought high-end car trade, will have to name the king brought the ants.

Compared WANG Yi-qiang, Liu Hua into high-end second-hand car market slightly later time, from 2009, Liu Hua and his team was identified in strategic high-end cars. "Compared to those in the market of second-hand car dealer, we out

Surface independent of the portal, to spend really much larger, the rent is expensive. "Said Liu Hua, dedicated high-end second-hand car market segment, will make his competitive. And in closing vehicles, Liu Hua also inventive, in addition to the national

Used car industry friends, but also to reach out into the secondary cities in Sichuan Province. "Until now, Chengdu focused only on high-end second-hand car market, businesses may have 10, we are very optimistic about the end of this segment

. "Liu Hua said.

Visible and tangible problem of the future

Xiao Gang (a pseudonym), a reluctance to disclose the true name of the used car buyers, while accepting the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Dian Huacai and Fang Shi, a reporter did not even want to know what he is doing business. Xiao Gang told reporters, business

Need to have a good car stays where face, but if the money to buy luxury cars, real investment, will bring their business cash flow problems. So last December, he found friends, friends recommended him to a long public Jie used Yick Road

Car, found the Liu Hua. 3 months in the past, Liu Hua would help him find a Cadillac SRX, spent only 40 million to buy almost Zheliang used cars with new cars. "I told friends say is owed, in turn, customers

, And with the customer is said to be buying a new car, looked no different. "Xiao Gang said.

In WANG Yi-qiang view, the story of Xiaogang, Chengdu is the concept of consumer spending in the second-hand car is not enough on the opening performance. "Despite the increasing ownership, but compared to the coastal city of Chengdu, the idea that people's consumption

Very conservative, think to buy second-hand car is a shameful thing, especially to purchase high-end used cars. "WANG Yi-qiang said that in the coastal and overseas, buying used cars, whether high or low, are normal.

Another problem plagued WANG Yi-qiang and LIU Hua, should be used cars and after sales service. "High-end car service is demanding, not an ordinary street vendors will be able to solve the problem." Liu Hua said, is

Selling used cars, car received only on their own rigorous, provide consumers with a technical safeguards to protect the car will not be in a very short period of time a serious problem. But to really provide full protection to consumers, but also

4S is a must for consumers to shop. "This is generally a lot of consumers to buy second-hand car and some scruples."

But the two issues mentioned above, may have only used car market in Chengdu the two stones on the road. "As the market continues to develop, these two problems can be resolved." WANG Yi-qiang said that through the media

Publicity, people's thinking will gradually open up, the car is no longer simply a tool for facade decoration. As for the sale to solve the problem, Liu Hua believes that second-hand car dealer in the future contract with 4S shop, so will be after-sale maintenance and repair problems


Chengdu is now a month in a luxury car about 100 second-hand car trading, and to grow at around 30%. WANG Yi-qiang believe that they will be increasingly concerned about the market segment better. Just then, the king entered a Peugeot 207CC

Yi Qiang's exhibition galleries, the owner of Internet search king's address to the ants, the initiative had come to drive the truck.