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Car dealer used car replacement status
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As the first brand used-car business, involving manufacturers, Nissan's replacement in recent years, the volume of business has maintained rapid growth, but from the point of view there is still total more room to rise. Data show that in 2008, Dongfeng

Nissan used car business volume more than 28,000, the penetration rate of new car sales more than 7%; by 2009, Nissan replaced the volume of business reached 38,034 units, compared with the second largest semiconductor manufacturers in nearly 70%.

Therefore, Dongfeng Nissan also saw the rapid market growth and the development potential of car replacement business, Dongfeng Nissan has completed the system in 100% of franchise stores to import car replacement operations were established in the country east at 77

Production used car retail and three second-hand car trading center.

Liu Xuexiao

FAW Toyota: to ensure strict

The end of 2007, FAW Toyota officially launched the retail used car business. In order to ensure the quality of the retail used car, FAW Toyota certified used vehicles to retail outlets set very strict requirements must be met, including the Toyota 3

Preparedness level technician confirmed to replace all the main components of the Toyota genuine, Genius (FAW-Toyota in the country of any dealership can be a warranty) and free replacement of oil filter, 24-hour roadside assistance services, purchase of 3

Days can be returned within 300 km of eight such content.

Used cars with other brands is different, FAW Toyota also developed a special "SMILE certified used cars" commodity, that is, FAW Toyota will have sold a vehicle (and first for the Corolla COROLLA VIOS VIOS) to conduct a thorough

Preparation, giving Genius, for customers of FAW Toyota used car products. Import sales found in the shop system, in addition to the above certified used vehicle, identified on the sales of all stores selling second-hand cars are available and certification

The unity of the different used car repair and maintenance, to give quality assurance.

Lan Huang

Audi: High-threshold

And many other different brands, Audi used cars have their own brands - Audi products recommended used cars. Recommended products, like used cars and Audi cars, with a gallery exhibition, pre-service, integrated brand marketing operation

System will naturally take on a variety of assessment tasks, such as sales, customer satisfaction.

A used car can become a "recommended products used Audi cars", first look at the age of the vehicle is less than 5 years, the trip is of 15 million kilometers. In addition, dealers have to access the car in the 4S shop maintenance records, and the

Insurance records, etc., once the records are missing, you can not become a "product recommended used cars." Subsequently, the assessor would also like to start the 110 used cars are monitoring processes. Including the use of thickness measurement of the thickness of paint to determine the overall vehicle

Usage, and checking the vehicle trip computer, see whether the vehicle had been modified or refreshed ECU.

However, the high standards mean high quality. In all pass the inspection, the dealer of used cars began to beauty, including paint renovation, interior treatment, photocatalyst sterilization, Audi technology professional can use the renovation

Traces to a minimum, so that second-hand cars into "quasi-new car."

In addition, consumers in the purchase of second-hand car dealers will provide 1 year or 20,000 km warranty, used car and new car owners to customers in the value-added services, and information visit so there will not be any difference.