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Used-car market to buy a sports car getting 12 million opening heat
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Recommended second-hand car this week

Name of model: import Hyundai Coupe

Ueto Date: April 2007

Form Mileage: 45000 kilometers

Sales price: 127,800 yuan

Recommended reason: one hundred and twenty thousand yuan to buy a V6 engine sports car to open, already offers a strong force. Moreover, the number of miles Zheliang Cool 45,000 km only a few can be described as a time when young, blood Vincent Fang. Vehicle speed to maintain very well. And the car's back seat space is not particularly small, sit four adults problem. For the pursuit of individuality and a sense of movement in terms of car buyers, this car worth buying.

Distributor: Hong Kong Hong assured used cars

Sales Hotline: 8,512,662,185,126,620

More recommended used cars

Name of model: the new Santa Fe

Ueto Date: June 2009

Form Mileage: 25,720 km

Sales price: 239,800 yuan

Recommended reason: Santa Fe is a more urbanized SUV, better comfort, through the performance is also good. The larger body size, take the room spacious. Age of the vehicle a small car, low mileage, maintenance better.

Dealer: classic cars used car center

Sales Hotline: 8,506,338,913,881,970,180

Name of model: Peugeot 307

Ueto Date: January 2006

Form Mileage: 29,000 km

Sales price: 61,500 yuan

Recommended reason: Although the car has been 4 years old, but a few short miles from the vehicle in view, the mileage is very real. The key is the car also comes to insurance in January 2011, after the purchase, do not have to go out and buy the insurance to be used.

Distributor: Hong Kong Hong assured used car sales hotline: 8,512,662,185,126,620

Name of model: Sega sedan

Ueto Date: September 2009

Form Mileage: 12,580 km

Sales price: 94,000 yuan

Recommended reason: a car full of personality, sense of control is very good, plenty of power, but also with the original vehicle warranty, the standard quasi-new car.

Dealer: Chengdu founding of used cars

Sales Hotline: 80312168

Model Name: Fox

Ueto Date: June 2008

Form Mileage: 25,341 km

Sales price: 82,000 yuan

Recommended reason: Fox in the used car market a lot, so the price is relatively cheap, cost-effective, easy maintenance. The vehicle has better handling and safety performance.

Dealer: Chengdu founding of used car sales hotline: 80312168

Name of model: the new Alto

Ueto Date: November 2009

Form Mileage: 8,000 km

Sales price: 57,000 yuan

Recommended reason: the mileage is very short, still factory warranty period.

Dealer: West Star Used Cars

Sales Hotline: 87546897

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