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Octavia used car new era of open-end luxury cars Fun
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Nowadays in China, people are enjoying rapid development of the automobile industry has brought tremendous change to life at the same time, also think about how these changes in order to achieve the best social values. Introduce new models, new technologies Can not fully satisfy the desire of today's consumers, but also innovative business models to provide flawless services is crucial. Look to the used car of this super "potential shares" sector, we see the benchmark rate Industry is how to lead times. Octavia Octavia international luxury car club is a division of second-hand car, is a luxury car and high-end business platform for the theme of luxury cars new model of international private club. The club car as a mediator, culture media, the owner is Platform, fashion for the guidance, based on the full range of personalized car services, car culture is the Octavia to promote the dissemination and exchange and to create high-end business platform. Acquisition cost of expensive cars, and its annual maintenance and depreciation costs are worth double. More deadly, the cars to the owners of the temptation is too great, no one can reject the random walk in the luxury car world The feeling. Imagine you are today in a very formal occasions, there is an important customer to see, you are an international luxury car club Octavia, of course, the opening of a Mercedes-Benz S600, BMW 7 Series or a , For a day, place in a more casual reception, a close friend or elders, which sets Cayenne or Land Rover is the best choice, the latter occasionally, you may prefer to open a beautiful roadster riding on the beach ... ... All of this feeling, Octavia cars can help you find the club. And you pay the cost to purchase more than their cars, the annual depreciation, lower total cost of maintenance to the unthinkable, to join the international luxury car club Octavia Club, you will be even greater extent, to enjoy the vehicle of science and technology to bring you pleasure. As a club member, will have 40 days throughout the year free use of cars permission, in general, leave requirements to meet. The primary feature of the club to play cars, enjoy the car, another car can be returned also launched service, if you as a club member, also have a car 30 days package returned service, do not ask the reasons, without explanation, as long as you are under Italy, can reasonably be returned at any time. In addition, the club has a professional sector, to high-end tailor-made for the club members business platform, our club members are the elite of society, rich in social resources. Club members will be based on Demand, regularly carry out business activities in the mysterious and romantic, in the mighty traveling by car in the luxury car, yacht or sea to roam, or a super five-star hotel ... ... the high end of the dialogue in which the club will make you happy participate Platform activities, endless benefits.