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Xinzhou: mandatory assessments against the policy of charging used car track
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Yesterday (14) broadcast a program which we master Liu Xinzhou Vehicle Administration to change the procedures used cars are forced to collect assessment fees when the matter said that Master Liu is not the truth? Why Xinzhou City vehicle management law will ignore it the country? 9 am, reporters came to the identity of the owner of a vehicle management's assessment of Xinzhou City, identification of the window, second-hand car trading on the consultation process. Informed staff, told reporters that bear the name of the business is a limited assessment of stone vehicle identification, although the office located in Vehicle Administration hospital, but the staff does not belong Vehicle Administration, then for the Xinzhou City Vehicle Administration assessment of how the used car under it? Vehicle Administration within the reporter went to the business lobby to understand the situation. According to the staff member said, can only get the assessment procedures used cars for change, without assessment, the window will not handle, then the Xinzhou City Vehicle Administration for the assessment of second-hand car transactions must be based on what is it ? A source documents provided to reporters. The reporter saw in the paper, Xinzhou City in 2009 by the Price Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Inland Revenue Department and SAC jointly issued the "old city on the strengthening of the views of motor vehicle transaction price evaluation", in which various functional departments of clear requirements , the price range of departments of the city state, collective, shares, partnerships, individuals operating motor vehicles used in the transaction, transfer, pledge, sale, distribution, price when assessment and evaluation report issued. Traffic police, Vehicle used for the relevant departments of motor vehicles pertaining to membership, transfer procedures, must require the owner to provide the municipal price evaluation report issued by the department. In fact, as early as 2007, the province has developed the "implementation of the State implementation details," in which Article 40, second-hand car buyers and sellers appraisal and evaluation should be in line with the principle of voluntary, not mandatory; 52, buyers and sellers in the process of transfer of registration when the vehicle does not need to issue a price assessment. So why Xinzhou City Vehicle Administration the old state-owned motor vehicles to non-mandatory assessment? Since 2009, in Xinzhou City Vehicle Administration is forced to assess how many non-state vehicles? Xinzhou City, relevant departments to develop the "old vehicle transaction price assessments," the basis for what is it? This column will continue to follow-up reports.