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Low noise wide vehicle idle Fit the new car shopping guide recommended
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I believe many people first saw the new Fit, feel that it is associated with the first generation, which is why designers want to achieve. Fit many previous generations of new DNA, while adding a lot of dynamic new elements, the overall profile is more smooth, sharper lines, the overall feeling of the previous generation's Smart little less cute, but the momentum has exposed a much more vigorous. From the shape perception, the new Fit's "presence" than the Mazda (quotations image parameters) 2, POLO larger, more practical size, but will find that they actually still about the size of the. Fit's cabin design of the old section has been no shortage of three-dimensional, but the overall style is still very orthodox. Fit the new car is playing a breakthrough, the center console is very new, bold color blocks, buttons, layout layout is also very innovative, but yet easy to use. Fit two new interior colors are shades, seats and door panels difference is the color of fabric. One common version of a uniform light color, only the luxury sports version was equipped with all the dark interior. Distribution of the new Fit is still the engine displacement of 1.3L and 1.5L, but two engines have joined the i-VTEC technology. Which, 1.3L engine and 1.5L i-VTEC technology are different, it is one of the intake valve when low-speed stop working, which is the old section of the pure i-DSI engine fuel efficiency of different orientation, which sets 1.3L i-VTEC engine is a high-power orientation of the engine design, and at low speed to a stop valve to reduce the feed rate, the effect of fuel can still be achieved, without loss of performance of high-rpm power. In addition to regular versions of the Yaris, Toyota owners for your favorite extreme sport for the RS models, remove the front of the logo, RS version of the Yaris adds side skirts and rear spoiler spoiler, while the top models with more a front bumper spoiler. Although not in the chassis, power and other substantive aspects of the re-adjustment, but this fair without the "Motion" I believe consumers will gain more recognition. Yaris car simple, stylish and full of texture, tandem center console designed to save space and take full account of the ease of use features, coupled with self-luminous home integrated instrument panel design, top-down vertical extension, so that the dashboard into a T shape. Self-luminous amber-style instrument panel uses the same color are in the control panel has also been applied to the backlight, but the interior's overall sense of heavy plastic, with models for high prices, some are not worth it. Yaris models use 1.6-liter engine and Corolla (quotations image parameters) 1.6 same, but the maximum output of 118 hp and 150N · m, Bikaluola 4 less horsepower and 4N · m, but the maximum torque output ahead to 4400 turn, is more suitable for city (quotations image parameters) traffic. Some outdated 4-speed automatic transmission, with the current mainstream five-speed automatic transmission forward compared to a lot less!